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The Film Society movement in India has recently completed 50 years. This movement has its roots in Kolhapur since late 60's. Karveer Cine Forum was started by young architects group. Then in 1970's 'Sakshi' film society was started in the University Campus. In 1982, T.F.T. Film Society gained momentum for 5 to 6 years. As it happened elsewhere the film society movement had a low ebb in Kolhapur as well with the Doordarshan coming to stay to the nooks and corners of India. However, during this period couple of other film societies also contributed a little bit to the film society movement. In November 2002, the cinelovers from Kolhapur once again turned back to the film society activity getting bored to the soaps of Idiot box. The Kalamaharshi Baburao Painter Film Society started its successful run of film society movement in November, 2002 and has now come to stay in the lives of cinelovers of Kolhapur for the last 8 years. During this period, the film society with the able support from the Federation of Film Societies' of India, Western Region has tried many unique things to inculcate the yearning for good cinema. During this period, the retrospective of noted directors from Indian Cinema were regularly screened besides the monthly screening. The short film festival of 'Vikalpat, Shyam Benegal Retro, Pratibha 1913-1953, a unique one reeler of Indian Cinema, ' Nirdhar' the festival based on the handicapped and impaired are some of the major activities carried out by the film society. During these 7 years, the festival of Hollywood films also was arranged. The regular screening includes the International Films, Indian Regional Films, Short Films, and Documentaries etc. The interaction with the directors of the films was also a regular feature in our activities. The film personalities like Amol Palekar, Jabbar Patel, Arun Khopkar, Sumitra Bhave, Sunil Sukhatankar, Sandeep Sawant, Amol Gupte� Sachin Kundalkar are amongst the notables who visited our film society. During these years the screening of the International Films has been the mainstay of our screening prog' ram, which helped us have a hardcore membership of more than 200. The present membership of our Film Society is well about 350. During these 7 years, running number of our membership has gone beyond 1000. Thus, the movement for the good cinema has attained its success.

Last year we tried our hands to hold the International Film Festival with the co-operation of NDTV Lumiere, which followed immediately by Asian Film Festival with the co-operation of Asian Film Foundation, Mumbai. The maiden venture of having two festivals within a span of 6 months in Kolhapur was a matter of its close association with the cine industry. Our efforts now are concentrated on developing Kolhapur as a Centre of Film Culture and gain its lost momentum and importance in the history of Indian Cinema. The regular organization of film festivals has attracted the youth of this city to the film culture and is successfully bringing them to the theaters to watch the cinema in its real glory and grandeur.